e4e is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by nThrive. nThrive is a growing industry leader that leverages technology, services, education and analytics to create complete Patient-to-PaymentSM capabilities that our clients need.

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Employee Compensation and Benefits

With many of the leading healthcare companies in the U.S. as our clients, and having a technology-led innovation mindset that drives our business, the variety of work is endless as we collaborate with our clients to explore new ways of creating excellence in Services Outsourcing. As a company, we insist a healthy work-life balance for all employees and we strive to encourage employees to prioritize and plan their time accordingly.

We believe in constantly evolving our compensation structure to keep ahead of the changing socio-economic environments where we live and work in. We are committed to providing professional growth opportunities for all our employees and always seek to promote and move employees to new functions first from within, before going out to hire. We are a company strongly based on meritocracy and practice the pay-for-performance concept. Besides salary, we offer our employees a range of other benefits that is at, or better than the local industry standards. Variable compensation like annual bonuses, performance incentives, sales commissions etc. form a material part of our overall compensation structure.

Our benefits package includes Medical Insurance (medical, dental, and vision), vacation, holiday pay and paid time off, and short-term and long-term disability insurance - depending on the country and geography you will work in. We will provide you more details during the interview process and a copy of our local HR Handbook at the time of offer.

Fun @ Work
Work and life balance is something that we take seriously. The Employee Relations Team at e4e undertakes numerous initiatives to make your work environment comfortable, fun, and enjoyable.

Progressive Employment and Growth Opportunities
Growing talent from within is one of e4e's most critical priorities and also our biggest strength. We believe in identifying, nurturing, and promoting individual skills and talent by providing opportunities to learn through various training programs. We also encourage lateral and upward movements through our Internal Job Postings (IJP) programs.

Job Opportunities at e4e

Check out our current job opportunities to start the process of working for e4e.

Client Thoughts

"The dedication from our e4e teams to provide the best possible services is beyond comparison."

"We are amazed and pleased with…the difference the e4e team is making to our inventory levels."

"All work being performed by you is good and very well appreciated."

"We really appreciate all that you do to help make us a better company and increase our business's revenue."

"e4e continues to be a key player in the success of our company."

"They are very accurate in their work and are very responsive to our changing needs."

"By utilizing your services, we are able to focus more on our client and strengthen our core delivery."

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Provider Solutions

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