e4e is pleased to announce that it has been acquired by nThrive. nThrive is a growing industry leader that leverages technology, services, education and analytics to create complete Patient-to-PaymentSM capabilities that our clients need.

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High-value, end-to-end provider solutions that enhance revenue generation

Through a 30-40% reduction in costs, we deliver to our clients a 4-7% improvement in their profit margins!

Medical Billing Companies

Billing Companies

High value, end-to-end solutions streamlines cash flow and speeds up the reimbursement process, helping Medical Billing Companies in the U.S. to better manage the complexity of their Revenue Cycle and increase their bottom line.
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Hospital Services

Hospitals are increasingly realizing the need for cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management solutions that can improve the flow of accurate and compliant patient data resulting in the generation and submission of a clean claim the first time around.
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Client Thoughts

"The dedication from our e4e teams to provide the best possible services is beyond comparison."

"We are amazed and pleased with…the difference the e4e team is making to our inventory levels."

"All work being performed by you is good and very well appreciated."

"We really appreciate all that you do to help make us a better company and increase our business's revenue."

"e4e continues to be a key player in the success of our company."

"They are very accurate in their work and are very responsive to our changing needs."

"By utilizing your services, we are able to focus more on our client and strengthen our core delivery."

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Provider Solutions

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Why Choose e4e's Provider Solutions

With over 23 years of experience in increasing revenues and cash flow, we have experience in over 25 specialties and major RCM platforms so that we can hit the road running from day one. Other reasons to choose e4e for provider solutions include the following:

  • Over 23 years of operational and domain experience
  • End-to-end or Modular RCM solutions
  • Over 400 customer years of experience
  • 142 million transactions per year, with over 98% financial accuracy
  • 42 million charts coded and audited
  • $1.2 billion in collections per year
  • Delivered over 9% in increased YOY revenues for our client
  • 4-12 days reduction in AR days and an average of 25% reduction in repeat collection attempts
  • Over 1,100 coders with experience in more than 25 specialties
  • Over 1,100 billers and collectors with experience in more than 30 platforms
  • Best-in-class SLA adherence

Benefits of e4e's Provider Solutions

e4e's provider solutions offer you a wide variety of benefits, including the following:

  • Reduced costs by 40 - 50 % and improve revenues by 15%
  • 60%+ improvement in coding turnaround and reduction in backlogs
  • Scalability and operational flexibility with 20% buffer to enable ramp-ups in short notice
  • Streamline your practice management processes and improve your patients' experiences
  • Improve billing performance resulting in denials reduction and faster revenue recognition
  • Capture economies of scale in front and back-end office operations providing you the ability to eliminate fixed costs
  • Reduce future labor costs with our technology solutions and redefined workflow
  • No more expensive system expansions